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Now is the time to talk about our

biggest climate problem.


Vast amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, aswell as viruses and bacteria are confined here. We must finally realize that it is up to us to change the world!

More Info (Infopage Permafrost)

Thawing Permafrost – an underestimated danger for global climate

Saving the Permafrost


In 1996, two Russian scientists, Sergei Zimov and his son Nikita, started a project in Siberia. They presented a concept to save the permafrost. The concept is ingenious as well as simple. Watch the animation to learn more.

More Info (Infopage Pleistocenepark)

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Max Musterman

Max Musterman

Max Musterman

Max Musterman

Terra-X im Pleistocenepark


tons of CO2 are bound in 1 ha of forest in 100 years.


tons of CO2 escape when 1 ha of Siberian permafrost thaws.

Only planting trees won’t cut it.

Help protect our environment now with the help of Pleistocene Park!