Permafrost is thawing!

If we don’t act now, climate change won’t be stoppable anymore!

Help us,

protecting the Permafrost

The Solution: The Pleistocene Park project

The winter snow cover has an insulating effect on the ground, preventing it from cooling properly. The permafrost thus has very high temperatures even in winter relative to the surrounding air. This is where our animals come into play.

The animals destroy this snow cover in winter in search of food, so that the permafrost is exposed to the cold ambient temperatures and can cool down further. This saves large amounts of methane that are normally released when the organic material in the thawing permafrost decomposes.

Useful sideeffect:

Their feeding behavior will destroy the current vegetation. This will transform the Arctic tundra into a highly productive grassland, as it was in the Pleistocene. As a result, the sequestration of carbon in the soil will be increased, as well as the albedo of the whole area.

In order to carry out the Pleistocene Park project on a large scale, we need you!