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Should mammoths be brought into the 21st century with the help of #CRISPR? Are Tundra and species conservation as project rationale reason enough to redefine boundaries regarding gene editing? Share your thoughts in the comments. #survey

Siberia's Batagaika Crater is largest permafrost crater in the world: 1km long, caused by a warming climate, releasing methane

50% of Earth’s methane is stored in Northern Hemisphere permafrost which is melting at levels not expected until 2090, 150 to 240% above historic levels

Woodwell Climate, @WoodwellArctic, and @Esri just launched UnstableGround, an interactive data visualization hub that explores how climate change is affecting #Arctic landscapes.

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Many experts believe that the Earth is quickly approaching various “tipping points” beyond which the effects of climate change could become irreversible. #climatechange #globalwarming #AI #Arctic #permafrost #icemelt #earthdotcom

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